I have concerns about being hypnotised, what happens if I can’t be hypnotised? 

No problem, RTT has other methods to get to the information and understanding needed for the process to lead to amazing results.


I have a concern about losing control under hypnosis, could that happen?

RTT hypnosis will never lead to a client losing control for it is only a deep relaxation that lessens the automatic responses of the nervous system and conscious mind (such as fight or flight).  At any time you can come out of hypnosis if necessary.


How long does a typical RTT session last?

Including the Intake process, which identifies the specific problem being dealt with and outcome desired, the typical session is about 90 minutes.  At times, when more of the healing tools are needed, the session could extend longer.


Will one session fix my problem?

Many issues can be dealt with from a single session.  For deeply rooted issues and traumas, another session or two may be recommended.  This would be jointly decided by the client and therapist.


Will the hypnosis session cause me to re-experience trauma experiences?

The regression under hypnosis seeks to uncover key scenes (experiences) that are the root cause of beliefs of ‘I’m not enough’, ‘I’m different’, or ‘something I want is not available to me’.  These scenes are reviewed, not relived.  However, the scenes may bring out deep emotion and cause some discomfort.  The process allows the scenes to be reinterpreted so that the damaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviours can be let go and replaced with thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that are healthy and founded on the strength of one’s inner being.


How will I feel after a session?

This can’t be accurately predicted, but will probably include some tiredness and some elation.  The elation comes from the knowing that freedom has come from the transformation.


Will the freedom and changes last?

They certainly can and that is the goal.  The client’s responsibilities to assure this outcome include listening to the recording each day for at least three weeks, along with a disciplined self-awareness.  It is necessary to make the new, which is unfamiliar, familiar.  At the same time the familiar thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours must be made unfamiliar.  This will mostly happen by listening to the recording regularly and developing positive self-talk and praise, while letting go of negative self-talk and criticism.  I provide guidance on disciplined follow-up practices that make the transformation permanent.


Are on-line sessions as effective as those done in-person? 

On-line sessions have proven to be just as effective.  My on-line sessions are done using Zoom, which I feel is superior to Skype.


How is my confidentiality maintained?

My written files are securely stored.  The recordings will be deleted once the three week period has ended (kept in case the client has trouble with their copy of the file).

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