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There is no magic pill to take that results in a total healing and freedom from destructive, thoughts, beliefs and habits. My experience tells me that a combination of disciplined actions and habits are needed over an extended period of time in order to replace the old thoughts, beliefs and habits. The old patterns have probably been established and practiced for decades and may even have been passed down from earlier generations. However, we each have the power to establish new thoughts, beliefs and habits that are based on the truth of who/what we are - a unique part of the Creator manifested in physical form. We each are an irreplaceable part of the One (whole) and were born to express that uniqueness in this world. We don't really think too much of our self, we actually think too little of who we are. In order to change that, and live courageously, we need to develop true (not ego based) Self Esteem. This is the path of inner empowerment that is often resisted by our families, institutions (including religious) and cultures. This path requires one to give up seeking external approval, and is truly 'The Road Less Traveled'. The diagram below is my depiction of the elements needed for one to become Self Esteem empowered. I do not propose this to be the only way for this to happen, but feel it provides guidance that can be very helpful. Some of the elements may not resonate for everyone (e.g., playfulness), while others I think are essential unless one has had a miraculous breakdown of the false self (such as Byron Katie). We each will know where we need to focus our healing at any given time if we are willing to develop our inner guidance.

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