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RTT allows you to change thoughts and behaviours by exposing invalid beliefs formed in childhood. These beliefs were formed because children are vulnerable, don’t have the ability to understand situations that are painful, and have limited power to protect themselves. This often leads to learned helplessness and a sense of guilt (‘it must be my fault’).

Behavior is an effect of beliefs and thoughts. One of the ‘Rules of the Mind’ (per RTT training) is:

The strongest force in humans is that we must act in a way that consistently matches our thinking, and therefore, to change our actions we must change our thinking.”

You change your thinking by changing your beliefs about yourself. This change requires disciplined self-awareness due to the following rule of the mind (again per RTT training):

“Your mind is hardwired to resist what is unfamiliar, and to return to what is familiar.”

When your familiar, self-destructive thoughts arise, they must be rejected and replaced with positive thoughts related to your inherent value. One way to do this is to use the following process:

· Relax by taking a deep breath, and then letting go of tension in your shoulders and heart area.

· Allow the feelings the thoughts produce to pass through your heart without suppressing or rejecting. This will be momentarily painful, but will help release old stored pain from similar situations in the past.

· Release the thoughts and feelings and lean away from them.

· Repeat as many times as necessary.

When you do this, you lean toward your deeper self which knows you are enough always. In time and with practice, you will naturally respond and live from this place of wholeness – being enough. You won’t even listen to these type thoughts. During the transition period, it is important to be disciplined and schedule what helps this happen. For example, schedule (on your phone calendar) listening to your recording, times of stillness or meditation, being with positive people and events. Invest in the rest of your life. Could anything be of more value?

Build your house upon the rock

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