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Once there is a realization of the destructive thinking process, the next step is developing a disciplined practice that breaks the addiction. There is no one magic process that works for everyone, but there are certain elements that are almost always included, and that I consider essential.

A first step is almost always practicing witness consciousness. Be the witness of your thoughts, feelings, senses and resultant behaviour. When this is attempted, you usually quickly realize that, when triggered, there is a collapse from the witness to identification with feelings and thoughts. However, with practice and discipline, the ability to stay in witness consciousness strengthens steadily.

One simple technique to help develop this discipline is to self-assess each time you transition from one situation or location to another. You check within to see if you are experiencing any upset or stress. If so, do some slow deep breathing and relax your neck and shoulders. This helps you recenter.

A very powerful technique that will lessen the tendency to collapse into the ego is to practice the following when triggered:

· Relax your body;

· Lean away from your thoughts;

· Fully feel (in heart) the pain of the trigger as long as it lasts;

· Do a quick calming meditation;

· Release everything.

Consistent use of this process will provide remarkable results in reducing the situations that cause being triggered, and in the ability to not fall into the ego mind pit when triggered. This process comes from the book, “The Untethered Soul” by Michael A. Singer.

It is also important to benchmark progress in handling stressful situations because the ego mind (crazy thoughts) will try to convince you that you are making no progress. Journaling is helpful for this for when used effectively it unmasks the mind’s craziness. It can include other positive elements such as gratitude and forgiveness.

Two other nearly universal steps are meditation and introspection. Meditation develops the ability to experience a stillness separate from the noise of thoughts and feelings. Introspection undoes the pull of the pull of the crazy ego thoughts and beliefs as it develops the strength to take control of one’s life with purpose.

I will cover these topics in other blog posts.

Note: This post was meant to be posted earlier, but it didn’t happen. There is a benefit here for I have revised it to reflect some recent work I have been doing this process.

* Book mentioned: ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A. Singer

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