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There are many forgiveness practices, and, like other healing elements, you must find what works best for you. For many years, my forgiveness practice was studying and living (to my ability) the principles of ‘A Course In Miracles’ (ACIM). Forgiveness is the fundamental action prescribed in ACIM (Text, Daily Lessons, and Manual For Teachers). Many of the 365 Daily Lessons are focused on ways to practice forgiveness. ACIM is not an easy path to follow and one should only choose it if it resonates deeply, which was my case in 1991.

Twelve step programs also focus on forgiveness work, especially making amends. The focus here is on taking responsibility for behaviour that resulted from an addition. Since the base of all addiction is the destructive thinking of the ego, this program will be useful for many.

One method that I often recommend to students of my classes and to my RTT clients is Ho’oponopono. This very simple and powerful forgiveness practice has led to miraculous results in many documented cases. Ho’oponopono is an ancient tradition out of Hawaii for forgiveness and healing. It involves repeatedly saying the following four phrases when anything upsets you: I’m sorry; Please forgive me; Thank you, I love you.

I’m sorry is an acknowledgment that I created whatever pain I have caused or errors I have made from my ego self.

Please forgive me because I was not aware I had that inside me.

Thank you for allowing me to release and cleanse this memory.

I love you my inner divinity meaning I love true self.

The following is from the book 'At Zero' by Joe Vitale, which also describes the history and applicability of Ho’oponopono.

“I've often explained that the four phrases are trigger words for a longer process. For example, when I say, “I'm sorry,” I'm really thinking, “I'm sorry for whatever program is in me that created this event.” When I say, “Please forgive me,” I'm actually meaning, “Please forgive my being unconscious to my own thought processes.” When I say, “Thank you,” I am meaning, “Thank you for releasing this program from my being.” When I say, “I love you,” I am returning to Source (Divinity or Zero) and wiping my inner whiteboard clean.’

“To whom are you speaking when you say this phrase? To yourself, your inner divinity, your protectors, the universe, God.

“Ho'oponopono Prayer: Spirit, Superconscious, please locate the origin of my feelings, thoughts of (______ fill in the blank with your belief, feeling, or thoughts ____). Take each and every level, layer, area, and aspect of my being to this origin. Analyze it and resolve it perfectly with God's truth. Come through all generations of time and eternity. Healing every incident and its appendages based on the origin. Please do it according to God's will until I am at the present. Filled with light and truth. God's peace and love. Forgiveness of myself for my incorrect perceptions. Forgiveness of every person, place, circumstance and event which contributed to this, these feelings and thoughts.”

This prayer is to be repeated four times when there is an issue to be dealt with that causes upset. It helps remove the many layers that the subconscious can hold, including trans-generational.

Book mentioned: ‘At Zero’ by Joe Vitale

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