My whole life has prepared me for teaching and living this course, especially my five years in Australia, my experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), and A Course In Miracles (ACIM).

This course is one of learning and implementing practices typical of all true spiritual paths, but is most aligned with Yoga (the journey of merging individual consciousness with Universal Consciousness, not to be confused with yoga as an exercise method) and A Course In Miracles.  It is not about theory or theology.  It is about removing the blocks that keep you from living from the True Self of your being.

The course will be offered based upon demand during 2021.


  • The course will include 8 weekly sessions, on the same day and time (with exceptions for a holiday period).  Sessions may vary in length, participants should block off 2 hours.

  • Maximum class size will be 6 participants.

  • Each participant will need an ‘accountability partner’, preferably another class or family member.

  • There will be assignments for each session, including exercises, reading, listening to recordings, watching videos, etc.

  • Participants will be expected to keep a journal throughout the period of the course.  Direction will be provided on what and how to journal for this course.

  • Participants will be expected to have a disciplined meditation practice of approximately 15-20 minutes twice a day (preferable morning and evening).

  • Participants will be expected to make this class a high high priority (actually this is making your True Self  and healing a high priority), arranging other aspects of life around these sessions. 

  • Participants will be asked to purchase supplemental course material (e.g., a book).

  • Participants will need a computer to ‘attend’ sessions.

  • The schedule will be fixed before the course begins, and individual sessions will not be rescheduled.

  • Cost for this course will be $150, paid in advance.


SESSION  Content  &  Structure

  • The sessions will be conducted using Zoom. 

  • The course will be focused on the healing needed to let go of the false/ego self and live  from the True Self.

  • Exercises will be included that require some intimate sharing among the participants.

  • The course will be based upon the principles of Yoga, ACIM, A Course Of Love, RTT, and many other disciplines that lead to living from the True Self (e.g., The Work by Byron Katie).  However, these will not be discussion sessions and it will be expected that the participants understand the basic principles of spiritual truth (laws of God)(1).

  • Results are guaranteed (moving into knowing and living more from the True Self) for those who commit to the process.

  • Trust and confidentiality are essential for this sacred work.

  1. If needed, coaching will be provided on the basic spiritual principles that are the foundation for healing and allow you to discard the false self and live from the True Self.

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